Bob Mayers to Speak at the Heritage Trail Association

Bob Mayers will speak at the Heritage Trail Association on Sunday, September 23, 2018 at 2:00pm at the Van Horne House, 941 East , Main Street, Bridgewater N.J. 08807

Greater Somerset County –Hub of the American Revolution

Earlier this year Bob Mayers discovered another Washington Rock and found many other fascinating places and facts while researching for his new book Revolutionary New Jersey-Forgotten Towns and Crossroads of the American Revolution.

Many places in the Somerset County area where Patriots fought and died are unmarked, shrouded in mystery, clouded in mythology or concealed by obscure accounts and dull statistics. Mayers will visit the forage war and the fierce engagements at Bound Brook, The Short Hills and Van Nest’s Mill as well as the First Middlebrook Encampment, Samptown and Quibbletown. He found that geography here was the pervading element that determined the location of all of the action. The natural defenses here provided by the Raritan and Millstone Rivers and the Watchung Mountains influenced troop movements, battle sites, supply routes and the flow of action during this critical time.

Residents who drive every day over heavily trafficked streets are completely unaware of the fierce struggles that occurred along their familiar routes. Many sites have entirely disappeared or have been built over by towns and highways. Mayers has explored these forsaken locations in person then enhanced his observations with fresh research from original documents, often discovered in obscure British, Hessian and French records. We predict that you will acquire a new respect for the Revolutionary War events that took place locally and in some instances in your own backyard.

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