About Bob Mayers

Bob Mayers thrives on discovering facts about the American Revolution not found in the work of earlier writers. As the descendant of patriot soldier Corporal John Allison, the revolution is personal to him.

His on-site visits to battlefields, encampments and places of many critical events of the Revolutionary War shed light on revered places that have been lost or neglected by history, places where patriots fought and died but are unmarked, shrouded in mystery, distorted by mythology and unknown even to local people.

These field trips combined with research into original documents and oral accounts passed down in his family through many generations bring the history alive. His readers often comment that they regret that during their school days that they tuned out history as distant and dull.  His writing can be enjoyed by average readers and not just hard core history or genealogy fans.

Bob is an active member of 10 historical societies and is a frequent speaker and contributor to their publications His service as a combat officer in both the Navy and the Marine Corps provides him with a deeper perspective of the many battles depicted in his work. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University.

Praise for Robert A. Mayers’ Books

“Robert A. Mayers revisits the forgotten places at the center of the Revolutionary War to put us in touch with the history that happened all around us.”

—Don N. Hagist, Editor, Journal of the American Revolution

 “Bob Mayers digs deep in his investigations of local New Jersey sites and uncovers important facts that no one else has found. His work has a wealth of new revolutionary material.”

—Linda Barth, Author, Executive Director and Editor
League of Historic Societies of New Jersey

“Bob Meyers draws his readers’ attention into the crucial role New Jersey citizens played in the winning of the war.”

—Donald Johnstone Peck, historian, author
Trustee, League of New Jersey Historical Societies

“The research and passion that Mr. Mayers has poured into this effort lays at our feet, facts and information sorely lacking in our common historic knowledge concerning the birth of our United States.”

—Cynthia Blumenkrantz, President, The Heritage Trail Association, Inc

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