Bob Mayers to Speak at the New Providence Historical Society

nphistsoc-logo2015-500x500Bob Mayers will review his new book, Searching for Yankee Doodle, Washington’s Soldiers in the American Revolution, at 7:00 PM at DeCorso Center, 15 East 4th Street
New Providence, NJ.

Vastly different opinions have been offered over the years by historians concerning the true image of the most essential element of the War for Independence-the common foot soldier. For over 200 years America’s image of the soldiers of the Revolution was wrong! Bob’s newest book probes personal records and official military sources to provide a true picture of the private soldiers, their lives and their motivations- you will get some surprises. For most of America’s history little was known about the identity of these men, why they fought and how the war affected their lives. A few were known for their exploits in battle, but most Yankee Doodles appear only on lists of thousands of shadowy names published by each state.  Yet the men of the Continental Army were the people most responsible for achieving America’s independence.

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