The War At The Shore

Bob Mayers – Highlands Author, Historian-Special Guest Speaker The War At The Shore. From the Bay Shore and Sandy Hook south along the coast through Monmouth and Ocean Counties, many fascinating events occurred during from the American Revolution. This strategic seashore was the setting for violence and occupation by the enemy during these turbulent times. Americans fought not only the British, but their Loyalist neighbors. A battle on the Heights of the Navesink, a massive troop evacuation and two of the most colorful leaders of the entire war were there. Patriot Joshua Huddy and his foe Colonel Tye, an African American Tory. Bob Mayers, describes many of these events in new book, The Forgotten Revolution, after searching original documents, the eyewitness accounts that survive and recently evidence unearthed at these sites. Historical Society of Highlands, free and open to the public. VFW Hall, 331 Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ, Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 7:30PM

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